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Your students, trainers, and C-level execs all want your educational programs to succeed. For learning to be successful, however, you first need a plan. Developing courses without the proper strategy and technologies is like buying a car and forgetting to put in oil. It may run okay at first, but you’ll soon have issues – notably, lack of learner engagement and lack of alignment with your organization.

Adele consults with your key stakeholders and learners to develop learning strategies and education plans that take the guesswork out of the equation and take your courses from ho-hum to ta-da while keeping the needs of learners and your organization’s goals in mind.

Yes. We’ve got a plan for this.


Learning Technology

Education Plan

Learning Strategy

Learning Strategy Development

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else” – Yogi Berra

Developing your learning strategy takes careful planning that we base on this one central word: Research. At the point where our vast experience ends, this is where our research takes over.

Learner-Centric Strategy

As politically incorrect as it may be to say (since you’re paying the bills and all), we are, first and foremost, an advocate for the learner. To understand the learners’ needs, we produce and participate in learner surveys and focus groups to appreciate what’s important to them and how they learn best. We then align that knowledge with your organizational goals, training objectives, and corporate culture — established through staff listening sessions, board and leadership future casting sessions, and competitive analysis — to develop a comprehensive learning strategy that will meet the needs of learners and key stakeholders alike.

Our Comprehensive
Education Plan

It’s like a soft, warm blanket.

Wait! What? Okay… sorry. Let’s back into that statement. What makes our education plan stand out is its thoroughness. Much like a soft, warm blanket provides you with a sense of comfort and calm, our education plan gives you the feeling that everything related to your learning program will be okay from now on.

What’s included:

  • A learning goal
  • A learning strategy for achieving the goal
  • A learning map or competency framework
  • A curriculum (usually 2-3 years of programming)
  • A brain-based instructional design model
  • Pricing strategies for products
  • Learning technology recommendations
Let’s Get Started!

Program Implementation

At Adele, we don’t stop at developing the plan. Instead, we help you implement aspects of the Education Plan that are most important to your learners, organization, and budget. We do this through several implementation conversations held with key stakeholders. We then employ various activities to develop a project plan, complete with a timeline that guides the development of your new initiative(s).

A plan without action is a wish.

Learning Technology Selection

No education plan is complete without first understanding the types of technology required to deploy the course. That’s why we utilize an audit process to evaluate your existing learning technologies, any new technologies needed to launch your program(s), and integration requirements with other software like your HRIS. We recommend those technologies best suited to your learning strategy, learners’ comfort with technology, and budget while keeping ease of use in mind. Last but certainly not least, we look for the “wow factor” embedded in the learner engagement features as well as the technology’s capabilities to facilitate both large conferences or small-group projects.

Technology investments are expensive.
Don’t make a misstep. We’ll guide you through the process.

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